December Just Posts

This month we celebrate the first year of Just Posts. When Mad and I threw our social justice wedding last year I had no idea then how the relationship would unfold. Would we get along? Would it last? Not surprisingly, it's been a year of social justice bliss. As the year unfolded we went global and added some aunties to the mix, raised a bit of money and even had a house sitter once too. And all of you, many who've been here since the wedding who faithfully write and read and send the links. It's only a roundtable because of all of you and it's enriched my life in so many ways. And recently, after some prompting from our maid of honor we decided it was time to take it to the next level: we decided to have a baby. More of a birthing than a baby and we've called her Volunteerism. And in the spirit of the wedding that started it all we decided to throw a baby shower where gifts were commitments to volunteer. Birth to a cause, birth to a supportive community movement. For anyone who wanted to join us.

And so many of you did. So before I unwrap mine let's open yours. Gifts from the heart from many outstanding writers who decided they too felt ready to get it on and birth some change. So without further ado or even a party game:

The Beautiful Baby Shower Gifts:
Jenn with Let's change the world, shall we?
Omaha Mama with Giving more and Teaching to Give Back
Andrea with Enough, again.
CCE with A words: Altruism and Asceticism
De with Oh baby,I can help
Sage with Birthing in chains
Karen with Baby shower treats
Alejna with Gifts and thanks
Jennifer with New Year's resolving
Reality Testing with Project Snuggle and Flutter's original idea in 2006 there once was a girl
Aliki with Newton's third law
Painted Maypole with Unto us a child is born
Sin with Win-win

And De and Flutter set up a trust fund for the baby, a fabulous idea to inspire philanthropy (or penalize bad behavior) but either way, it's fantastic.

This was so humbling, witnessing us digging deeper and pushing ourselves a little more. To choose to volunteer and/or to support others who are. So many courageous calls to action, so many new ways to support our individual communities. The gifts of our time and conscious intent. It is truly an honor to be a part of this celebration of justice and action.

And now for my baby gift to all of you and in honor of our Mad Librarian: I pondered for a while as to the perfect gift for the occasion, one that would show my appreciation for the Just Post community while also supporting a worthwhile cause. And I think I've found something that fits both: I have signed up to volunteer at our local public library. They have a volunteer group who does a variety of things including fundraising, book sales, drives, and outreach as well activities to enhance learning and programming for kids. And I signed up to join them, to give my time each month to volunteer for a cause closest to Mad's heart in honor of her year long commitment to nurturing the Just Posts, to being willing to reach, and for teaching me things I'd not have learned otherwise. And I never would have done this had it not been for all of you. So this is my gift and my way of saying thanks. Thank you for opening my mind beyond poverty and beyond my work and allowing me to explore ways I can get differently involved.

So here, eat some cake. We've even got some champagne. The baby's out now so we can all drink and toast the goodness that this sphere can bring. Hearts and minds coming together earnestly, to make the world a better place, one cause at a time. Brava, friends. Brava.

Here's to another year of the Just Post Community. (Can you hear the glasses clinking?)

The Just Posts
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Some of the many readers:
TIV: The Individual Voice
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It goes without saying that you should check out the celebrations going on at Mad's, Hel's and Su's. Thank you again for joining us. If you are new to the party, we are here every month on the 10th, celebrating writings of social justice in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes more.

And as a perfect end to the party, I'll be hanging out with Bon, Mad and Andrea tonight at 6pm PST talking about Just Posts, social justice and probably little people too. Go here if you want to join in on the fun.