good things

July was a rough month in the blogosphere, folks getting sick, losing jobs, computers breaking down or people plain not getting along so since August starts today I figured I'd start it off with a list of good things.

Awhile back my lovely Amy introduced me to Donna from TravelMuse and Donna and I got to talking and once we move I'll be doing a bit of writing about kid-friendly foreign travel for her site. TravelMuse is fantastic, you can get inspired and learn about places around the world all at the same time. Needless to say I'm absolutely thrilled to get to be a part of it and Donna and her crew are lovely and worldly and wise.

Kristen is launching Blog the Recession Month with the goal of getting folks to click through readers to actual posts and spread the love because we can use all the love we can get and some folks appreciate the clickthroughs because it helps with paying the bills. If you want to play along she's got pretty little buttons like the one below over at her spot. Or feel free to steal this one. I'm easy like that. Trust me, Kristen is easy too. Heh.

Speaking of recessions, some of the powerful lady bloggers over at MOMocrats are heading to the Democratic National Convention this month and wow, is democracy expensive. We are doing a little fundraiser right now and if you want to contribute in the name of Better Than Mainstream Media political blogging we can use your help. $5, $10, it's all going in support of the MOMocrats and it all helps and we'll soon see these women blogging the truth from inside the bowels of freedom.

When I spoke at BlogHer there was a lot of energy around coming together as a community for good and one way to get involved is by checking out Just Cause It! Alyssa launched a new cause as a result of our panel and everyone is welcome. Wannabe Hippie live-blogged the panel and is still gathering urls from folks who want to be involved in spreading goodness around the net. I'm not sure where that's going yet but it's nice to know it's there and growing.

Lastly, it's time to send me your links for our upcoming Just Post roundtable. So send me the posts you've written or read about social justice or people doing good things in our world and we'll feature them all at the August Just Post Roundtable on the 10th. if this is new to you email me or clickety click on one of the purple buttons to your right. You can send them to Everyone is welcome to join us.

Whew. Now that's a lot of good things. Now tell me some of yours.

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