Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Your responses to yesterday's post were fantastic. I felt emboldened all day. I called the head of the ER discharge person's hospital (thank you, google) and left him a message about what happened and said I'd prefer to speak verbally before lodging a formal complaint. Flies with honey, sugars, flies with honey. But honey runs out tomorrow.

I swung by one of the shelters after picking up M. In her words to help people no home go sleepytime (which, by the way, made me prouder than any other single thing this child has ever done in her life) and by chance, a reporter was there, so without naming names I gave him the particulars, and he is interested (any chance to slam someone) in learning more. Out of respect for the person in charge, I'll give it a day to see if he is willing to work with me.

The poor old man in question ended up choking on his own saliva in the middle of the night and had to be rushed by ambulance back to the hospital. I didn't learn about that till after I'd already posted yesterday - I wonder how he's doing, and if we'll see him again.

This feels like a bland and boring post - I think because I am feeling bland and boring. I've worked a lot of extra hours this week and I am so freaking tired. I've been on 24 hour call for 6 days now. And yet there is no real time to catch up between the rest of my job and the nonstoppery of my love child.

I crave a room to myself, with a soft bed and a good book.

A girl can dream. It may not be as important as other dreams, but we all have them, big and small, coming and going. This is my coming and going dream today.

Tell me yours.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, baby! My mental vibes were with you because i was pretty late to post a comment. Thank you for following up - it's not bland or boring - I'm sure your many readers are anxious for this news.

I hope your dream comes true soon. Mine is for L to take a good nap today so I can publish a post AND take a long, hot shower. And remember to rinse out the conditioner before I get out.

Mad Hatter said...

I think I love M. She is soooo your daughter.

My dream? To have one day where I feel a strong sense of accomplishment when I go to bed at night instead of the driving panic for how much more needs to get done.

Lucia said...

Sweetie, if there are 2 things you are not...they are bland and boring.

Penny said...


Take care of yourself, Jen.

It's a lot of work to be a woman, it's more than a lot to be a wife, and it's a world of work to be a mother. And, you have the universe on your shoulders, when you are balancing those three and working to be the advocate that you are.

Don't forget to be good to yourself, too.

If you feel constricted by schedules or guilty, just change your perspective and think of Jen-time as an investment.

You'll be better in all situations, if you get a little rest and read a good book, now and then.


PS. You are never bland and boring.

PSs. My dream? All of us on a warm beach drinking margeritas, chattin up a storm.

Tabba said...

You. Bland and boring? Big tall glass of water with lemon in it is what you are.

YAY for getting the ball rolling with the ER discharge person's boss.

I LOVE that girl of yours. Sweeet, precious little thing she is.

My dream today is that my toilet doesn't fall through the floor into my kitchen. We have a plumbing as long as that doesn't happen, all in all it will be a good day.

*note to self* the flies with honey thing. flies with honey.
Ok, got it...I hope.

The Atavist said...

I sure want you around if I ever need medical attention.

My dream: "World Peace" and the Miss Universe contestant who just uttered the words in response to the inevitable "If you could achieve anything at all in your life..." question.

Just kidding. I'm, with Penny. Sitting around chatting with everyone on a warm beach sounds just fine to me.

liv said...

Golly, girl. You are always so right on. To the point that when I think of my own pointless, pointed inward posts, I think, get out of your f*cking head and go say something that MEANS something. I am proud of you in the not patronizing at all way. You are a good woman.

ECR said...

The passion and drama in so many of your posts keep the overall "bland and boring" quotient at non-existent levels :) I prefer "calm and insightful" for posts like this one.

My coming and going dream...well, today it would be fixing a dinner that lives up to the fact that it's my husband's 29th birthday. Oh, and getting him to admit that he's occasionally wrong so that we can finally put our latest fight to bed. I mean, put it to rest. No I don't. I mean bed :)

QT said...

I am so glad you followed up. My dream for today would be to get home and have dinner already made so I can just eat and go upstairs into my fluffy bed and watch a movie tonight - no dishes, no chores, etc.

Kiss M for me that sweetie!

meno said...

I am SOOO hoping that the reporter does an article. Oh please, oh please!

Hmm, i think my dream involes a guy named Raoul or Ramone today.

ewe are here said...

The ER discharge person you left a message for is probably busy talking to the hospital's attorneys before/if said person contacts you. Bet they'll cite patient privacy laws and not say much initially. Keep the reporter's number.

And you're neither bland nor boring. And your daughter sounds like she's just like you. ;-)

mamatulip said...

Lovin' M. Lovin' you. Lovin' what you do.

My dream is for a full night's sleep tonight. For me and for you.

KC said...

I like Penny's dream of beach, sun and margaritas. Boy, does that sound good.

My own dream is to be stress-less, class-less (when my graduate class finishes in June), and ulcer-less. Oh and well-rested. Ha!

Oh, The Joys said...

"I crave a room to myself, with a soft bed and a good book."

My fondest dream...

Laurie said...

My dream (for the immediate future) is very selfish, I want my family all together this weekend for our belated Christmas. As long as the weather remains mild, it will happen.

By the way Jen, Lucia's right, you are not at all bland or boring. I enjoy every single one of your posts.

NotSoSage said...

I'll go out on a limb here and say that some reporters are actually interested in the story for human interest purposes...but I might be a little touchy because both of my parents are reporters.

My dream: to finish this d@&! thesis of mine so that I can get out there and do the kind of stuff that you do every day.

(And my word verification is "rweaam", which is probably not too far off from the way that my daughter would say "dream", which is very fitting.)

Anjali said...

I dream of being surrounded in bed with stacks upon stacks of all the books I've wanted to read in the last five years, but haven't had the chance to. (And of course, I'd be alone, with a cup of hot chocolate.)

flutter said...

my dream?

to have a daughter just like yours.

urban-urchin said...

you are so far from bland mama- don't sweat it.

my dreams? the book comfy bed and a room of my own are pretty high up there.

I also dream of starting a foundation to help children like those girls in Bangledesh who are forced into prostitution as little girls. My dream foundation would also help children here in the US as well- prevent and treat child abuse....

Thailand Gal said...

I hope you will create that room to yourself, soft bed and a good book. That is just as necessary as anything else you might need to do.

Vitamins. Green tea with genseng. Every day. :)

My dream? Predictable.



Anonymous said...

I like a good fight as well, ours is usually with the school board and transportation. I can speak from experience that mentioning that you want to involve the media is highly effective in getting what you need. Good luck

kittenpie said...

Oh, sweet kid. I love how they pick up what we model for them. Such a powerful reminder about being the person we'd like to be.

And me, I need something these days - a break, a change, a bit of excitement, something!